About B-Optimal Health [JH]

Change YOUR Life with a Personalized Holistic Health Coach

Imagine a painted line 50 miles long.  If you were to walk on that line daily, for one hour, let’s agree that you would get to the other end of the line.  Now imagine if every day you veered just 1 degree left of the painted line.  One month later, imagine how far away from the endpoint of the line that you would be.  Subtle changes, over time, have an incredible impact on your Life.

Spanning the last ten years, I have made several diet and lifestyle changes that have positively contributed to my overall health and wellbeing.  Over this time, I have worked with many different healers from clinical, to natural, to intuitive.  I have been the perennial student and have garnered a tremendous amount of knowledge from each of them. 

Where I reside today: A pescatarian, not partaking in alcohol, am trained in Transcendental Meditation and have a daily practice, divorced, am amidst a new stellar new relationship, and with discipline, have developed healthful self-care practices and rituals, that have been a catalyst in propelling my healing

With my increased sense of well of being, higher energy levels, and with greater engagement in Life, I was frequently asked questions as what I was doing to look and feel so good and on several occasions, asked to present my process to smaller groups.


With an almost 20 year history in restaurants, I already was working on a new restaurant concept to help bring a quick-serve healthy dining concept to STL, with the intent to help people achieve vibrancy by eating more healthfully.  But with the pandemic changing the landscape for brick and mortar restaurants, and increasing the already high-risk factor, I shuffled the deck and began to develop a Holistic Health Coaching Practice to help spread the same initiative.

As a Health Coach, I take on the role of a supportive mentor to help you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes and personalized one-on-one encouragement.  The work we will do together is comprehensive in Mind, Body, and Spirit.  I provide guidance and accountability in everything from exercise and nutrition, to career, relationships, and spirituality. 

When you commit to this process you are signing up to challenge your old stories and patterning to help you shift your mindset and generate sustainable healthy habits, which prevent disease and discontent, and foster well-being.

I look forward to supporting you to great Health and Vibrancy!