Nearly a year ago I ran into Brad at a local pharmacy with much time in between the previous time I had seen him.  Although I had known Brad through the Entrepreneur Organization, I had never seen him look as healthy as he did that day.   After a conversation about the health and wellness path that  he was following, and his explaining the format of his holistic health coaching program, I signed on with the intent to level up my health. 

Brad and I set goals and expectations, and to date, he has helped me with every aspect of my health.  We have worked on everything from diet, to exercise, to supplements, to changing my mindset about health.  From big picture down to cellular health,  Brad has helped me to upgrade my whole approach to a healthier lifestyle.  He uses tools to give me a continuous feedback loop, and the benefits I have reaped have been far better than I had hoped for.  My routines are healthier, my mind is sharper, and my energy is restored.  Amazingly, I feel younger every month that passes.

I cannot recommend Brad and his coaching process enough.  I have found myself on a Life journey that is enjoyable, and with obtainable optimal health, that I did not have access to prior.  Thank you Brad.


I can’t thank Brad enough!!  Through the work in his holistic health program Brad helped me out of a deep rut.   I had low energy, mental clarity, and getting to my workouts was a struggle.  Brad was patient, but in no time had me feeling better and excited to dig even deeper into the program.  Now after 6 months of working with him, I feel amazing! 

I made some dietary changes and learned a lot from him as to what were good substitutes for some of the foods that I was eating that weren’t the most healthy.  I also followed his recommendation and added some supplements to my regime and my energy came back quickly which made the rest of the program go seamlessly. 

Brad has so much knowledge in the field of health and wellness that I tapped into which saved me years of doing my own research. 

I am in this for the long haul and I am loving it!  Thank you Brad!!



The B-optimal energy bites are game-changers. A quick, tasty, and healthy snack was what I was searching for. That’s a tall order IMO, but these energy bites answered the call. Every flavor is fantastic and each one serves a different purpose. In my new diet, I have shifted to anti-inflammatory foods, and these bites align perfectly with my ideal snack.

They’re healthy, delicious, and have a positive impact on my body.


I have been eating B-Optimal bites now for about 6 months or so.  I have to say Im pretty picking in general when it comes to energy/protein type bites/bars, but I love these.  I eat them mostly for a quick breakfast, as well as pre and post workout.  They taste great.  I especially like the S’mores but I eat them all.  I feel better after eating them, and love that Im getting a good healthy snack.  I have been having friends and family try them too, and everyone thinks they are great