Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments

B-Optimal The Discipline To Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments

We are all creatures of habit.  As time progresses, our routines become automatic, and without thinking, as there is a comfort in the redundancy.  For most of us though, these rituals are not benefiting our overall physical health or bettering our states of mind.  That is why intentionality is so important to create new habits, as self-discipline and willpower are muscles that are strengthened over time.

START WITH MAKING YOUR BED.  Completing one small task to start your day gives you a small sense of accomplishment and pride that can compound quickly to a day of productivity, as the doing helps to organize your mind.  And I don’t mean a half-assed bed making effort, I am talking corners squared, covers pulled tight, and pillows centered masterfully on your headboard.   The amount of heart and effort that you put into this task, is a conscious practice of willpower, so crush your bed making over time.

It is when we are overwhelmed by the larger to-do lists to start the day, that without completing a task that is small and obtainable, the larger list never gets done.  Plus, if you enter your room at any point later in the day if the proverbial wheels happen to be coming off, a bed that is made gives creates a sense of grounding and gives you the encouragement that tomorrow will be better.  And on a side note, your kids are watching.

You are developing willpower when you give a small mundane task awareness and effort.  And as you practice repeating the task to completion, and making it a ritual, you strengthen self-discipline, which goes on to define your Life.

So start small, practice finishing what you begin, and do a little better and a little more than you think you can to accelerate your development of willpower and self-discipline.

Massive shifts manifest from small change.

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