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After attending the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference hosted by Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof coffee and leader in the Biohacking space, I was introduced to some interesting cutting-edge technologies that are currently on the market, that all help to upgrade your daily performance levels. 

Firstly, the term Biohacking is loosely defined as a method of utilizing technology, and other alternate practices, to boost your physical and cognitive performance.  It is a movement that holds that human beings can and should use technology to augment and evolve our species.


This futuristic looking headset uses light and sound to stimulate brainwave activity and is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot, and revitalize by optimizing your brain’s peak potential.  Once you purchase the device, it is subscription based, with programming that guides your mind from being awake and reactionary, to an intuitive and creative state where super learning and healing can occur, heightening consciousness with crystal clear focus. 

In just 10 – 20 minutes it can balance your nervous system and help you better manage the stressors as they occur.  In addition to lowering your stress, it also helps with insomnia, increasing energy levels, and improving your sense of well being


This mattress topper regulates temperature which, when set between 60 – 68 degrees, helps you to get more deep sleep.  This is because environmental temperature is crucial for setting circadian cycles for all mammals and thermal influences most biochemical reactions.

During your nightly periods of deep sleep, your body drops to its lowest temperature, which can be enhanced when using a Chilipad. This period of sleep is referred to as “delta sleep” and it is when your delta brain waves slow down and allow you to experience a meditative and dream-free sleep as a result of less intense respiration, lowered heart BPM, and slower eye movement.   All of this is helping you to better recover mentally and physically.


What happens in Vagus, is critically important for activating your relaxation response and helps to regulate tension.  The Vagus nerve is the superhighway leading from your gut to your brain, with 80% of the information traveling from the gut upwards.  Did you know your brain and body are designed with the ability to self soothe during or after stressful moments?  This technology promotes a sense of calm and slows your heartbeat and breathing in moments of heightened tension.  Your vagus nerve is the ultimate ‘chill-out’ machine, signaling the brain to release serotonin and other calming neurotransmitters by delivering micropulses through headphones directly to the vagus nerve located in your left ear.

It pairs wirelessly to an app that helps to stimulate and strengthen your vagus nerve so you are more likely to recover quickly from stressful events. 


Electromagnetic fields can be found everywhere around us and can interact with the body at a biophysical level, acting like activators or blockers of cell receptors. Today these fields are used for magnetic resonance imaging to accelerate bone fracture repair, increase the rate of wound healing, and to decrease pain.

Hapbee is a circular collar that goes over your head and rests on your sternum, using ultra-low radio frequency energy technology (ulRFE®) that emulates specific magnetic fields to produce desired feelings in the body (Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, Calm and Deep Sleep).  The Hapbee AC100 generates these sensations by delivering precise low-power electromagnetic signals which through the use of an app, allows you to select how you want to feel anytime, anywhere.

TRU LIGHT/TRU DARK Light Therapy Devices

The type of lighting you’re exposed to can affect how your body interprets what time of day/night it is.  It can also directly impact your mental and physical health, as well as performance. We are now living in an “Indoor Era” with people now spending more time indoors as well as working from home and TruLight has lighting solutions that provide benefits for these changes in our living patterns.

Differing from natural sunlight, conventional lighting can have negative impacts on our circadian rhythm, energy, mood, and focus.  This technology empowers us to maximize our time at home and helps us to live in harmony with modern technology.

TruLight uses a combination of dark red, red, yellow, and infrared light to help heal your skin topically all the way down to healing bone injury. It uses innovative pulsating or steady light options to promote rapid healing and pain relief.  They also sell an affordable lightbulb for your nightstand that has a controller to simulate sunlight in the morning, and blue light for reading/winding down before bedtime. The TruDark glasses are a great option for helping your body to create natural melatonin as you are winding down from your day. 

I am a strong proponent of dialing in the essentials of wellness first by always emphasizing a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.  These devices are not a shortcut to better health if you don’t have the baseline set. 

I am really excited, though, to share these advancements with you of ways to elevate your health and wellness!

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