Get Smart with Nootropics


What are Nootropics?


Nootropics are smart drugs that improve cognitive and physical abilities in healthy individuals, particularly in executive functioning, memory, creativity, and motivation and boosting energy. They aren’t intended to heal you if you get sick, but are aids in leveling up your experience when you are already in a state of wellness.

Energy is a premium in our fast-paced world. Back in the day we had Vivarin, NoDoz, and Mini Thins to lift us up, and now we have quad shots of espresso in Starbucks, and a gaggle of energy drinks to throw down to give us a jolt to power through the day. Athough caffeine is still is the standard go-to in order to achieve an energy surge, it comes at a cost with side effects such as jitteriness, fast heartbeat, nervousness, insomnia, upset stomach, and irritability.

In the holistic space, energy and focus can be obtained in healthier ways, and the results from taking Nootropics, could be a GAMECHANGER.

There are many companies on the market offering these substances such as Onnit , Qualia, and Nootopia, all of them promoting an upgrade to your experience of Life with becoming happier, sharper, and more productive after taking their supplements. There is no universally accepted set of criteria for what qualifies as a Nootropic, but at the basis is that they allow the consumer greater control over their states, moods, and cognitive abilities.

I have tried all three, and most recently made the jump from Qualia Mind to Nootopia after meeting the founders at Dave Asprey’s BioHacking Convention earlier this year. They are really advanced in relation to their competitors, and have a program where you can customize your blends based on your reaction to their different formulas. The interactive process, and ability to customize your future orders according to what works best for you, is pretty spectacular, as you can get very specific about the states that you are interested in obtaining, contingent on the situation that you have on the horizon.

Find the best energy for you and your body outside of caffeine as there are much healthier alternatives for you to be dialed in and present for each of your different Life situations.

In Optimal Health,