I Take a Walk


One of my biggest takeaways from completing the 75 Hard  Bootcamp has been the addition of a 45-minute walk to start my day.  As a runner, I never really slowed down to walk for outdoor exercise, but the positive impact that a brisk morning walk has had on my daily disposition, has been profound.

Besides the many cognitive and mood enhancing shifts that I have experienced, there are several other notable benefits:

     -Live Longer – studies have shown that one hour of brisk walking can increase your life expectancy by two hours, which, although I don’t have a Master’s degree in Math, I can see will add up to a significant number over time. 

     -Sleep Better – exposure to sun in the morning helps you to sleep better at night because as it helps dial in your circadian rhythm early with the sun signaling that it is the start of your day, which helps your brain to naturally produce melatonin as the day ensues.

     -Keep the Circle Positive – sets the tone for the day creating a positive mindset, encouraged by the sense of achievement which creates an energy boost, a mental sharpness, and a sort of walker’s “high” that comes with all vigorous exercise.

     -Get Your Glow On – improves blood circulation, helps you to use oxygen better, and rejuvenates your skin.

     -Clarity of Mind – with an improved supply of blood and oxygen, your brain volume enhances, which, in turn, helps improve your brain function improving memory and lowering your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

     -Stress Less-. walking more than a ¼ mile each day had benefits improves the circulation of blood and the flow of oxygen in the body reducing stress levels.

     -Boost your Immune Function – reduces your risk of catching a cold or the flu. Studies have shown that people who walk at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, have 43% fewer sick days.

     -Joint Support and Strengthen muscle. – since elbows, knees, and hips are the most prone to joint pains as we age, a walk gives your joints and muscles enough movement and energy to relieve the stiffness and pain, while simultaneously toning your muscles.

     -Increase Stamina – helps your lungs to pump more oxygen improving the supply to all the organs in your body.

     -Lower your Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and certain types of Cancer.

     -Cut out bad cholesterol– during a walk, the sediment of adipose tissue starts burning and regulates your good cholesterol levels.

     -Shed some LBS – a 30 minute walk burns approximately 150 calories for a 155lb person.

As the end of my 75 day challenge was approaching, I realized that I did not want to stop walking in the morning, so I kept it going, and the results have been positively Game Changing. 

In Optimal Health.