Energy Bites Story


B-Optimal Energy Bites

The idea to create B-Optimal Energy Bites manifested after nearly 20 years of ownership and consulting experience in the restaurant business, coupled with my self-care and healing practices that I had adopted over the past decade.  Over that time I had made significant changes to my diet by becoming a pescatarian, limiting gluten and dairy, working with a naturopath and many holistic healers, and making a radical lifestyle shift into sobriety 5 years ago.

In 2019, I was close to opening another restaurant, a quick serve concept that offered healthier eating options, and was targeting a demographic that had the desire to eat better, but weren’t doing so from the lack of available healthy fast food options.  As things do not always go as planned, and then with the recent pandemic, this concept was shelved.  At the core though, I still wanted to share clean and healthy eating, without sacrificing taste, inspired to want others to feel the same vibrancy and healthfulness that I was experiencing. 

I began my certification course at IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, at the start of lockdown in March 2020.  During this time, I began to make Energy Bites for personal consumption using wholesome and natural ingredients, with an emphasis on their being anti-inflammatory, high in protein, and having no added sugars.   

The bites became my go-to daily late morning and mid-afternoon snack, and an occasional dessert post meal.  They kept me satiated, energetic, and I knew with the ingredients that I was sourcing that I was adding positive fuel for my health. 

As I woke up every morning to start my groundhog day in quarantine, and would take my round of natural supplements, which were also adding to my heightened sense of wellbeing, the idea was spawned to incorporate these healing herbs in powder form, to the already nutritious Energy Bite recipes.

Over the next two months I wore my scientist lab coat, and my chef hat, to come up with 6 flavors of B-Optimal Energy Bites infused with super-herbs, that all work on different Vitality components:

BOOST: Energy Boost with American Ginseng and Maca
CALM: Lowering Cortisol with Ashwagandha
FOCUS: Aids Memory and Cognition with Ginkgo Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri
REJUNVENATE: Anti-Aging, with Fo-Ti Root and Astralagus Root
COMPLEXION: Skin Care with Collagen Protein.

Understanding the numerous benefits that can be reaped by consuming B-Optimal Energy Bites, my level of enthusiasm for sharing this with all of you is at a level 10.

Brad Beracha
Creator B-Optimal Energy Bites
Founder B-Optimal Health, LLC